Composer / Arranger / Orchestrator

BenoÎt with Tenacious D
(Kyle Gass and Jack Black)
Ray Charles and BenoÎt

Benoît Grey is a Canadian composer, orchestrator and musician.

Benoît began his career touring and recording as the bassist for the legendary "Genius of Soul" Ray Charles. He then transitioned to composing and orchestrating for Film, Television, Video Games, and Trailers.

Benoît made an early name for himself co-composing three wide-release theatrical Pokémon movies. He was also conductor, lead orchestrator, and synth performer on all these features. The success of these Pokémon films created a demand for Benoît's outstanding mastery of the symphony orchestra. He was then invited to orchestrate for such major Hollywood films as The Day After Tomorrow, Scary Movie 2, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny and many more.

The video game world also attracted Benoît's interest, and he has orchestrated for video games such as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Transformers: The Game, and James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, among others. He has also contributed his bass-playing skills to Lost Planet 3, Soul Calibur, Advent Rising and other video games.

Since the mid 2000's, Benoît has focused particular energy on his composing skills. His music has appeared in hundreds of TV episodes of such shows as Pokémon, Kirby, TMZ on TV, Access Hollywood, The Academy Awards, The Tonight Show, Everybody Hates Chris, NFL on Fox, and many others. See his IMDB list of credits here.

Benoît's music has also been featured in numerous films, trailers, TV network promos, commercial ads, corporate websites, video games and other media. In 2012 he conducted an orchestral suite of Pokémon music at the Centre Bell in Montreal. Benoît has worked with prominent pop artists such as Tenacious D, 'N Sync, and Jackson Browne.

Benoît spends considerable time in his native Canada working on Canadian projects. Benoît also has a studio near Hollywood, California, where he does the larger part of his TV and trailer work.